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What is a health coach?

A health coach is a tool to help guide you in becoming your happiest and healthiest self. A health coach assists you in creating balance in your lifestyle, holds you accountable while motiving, gives you the tools to get you to the next level. A health coach is ideal for anyone who has the mindset of bettering themselves and willing to take action.

My story of why I became a health coach
I was raised on frozen TV dinners and character cutout, Mac and cheese. Growing up in the 90’s dunk-a-Roo’s and gusher’s were my everyday snacks. My knowledge and only intake of veggies was microwaveable broccoli covered with cheese sauce and five-minute mashed potatoes. I suffered from childhood obesity which then lead to problems with menstruation in early adulthood.

At the age of twenty and an irregular period (4 periods a year), I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease. This disease affects your insulin hormone in your body. This was the first time I realized my body was being affected by the choices I was making around food. The food I was choosing was causing severe damage to my body. The food wasn’t just causing me to be fat but extremely unhealthy. I was at risk for many more diseases.I knew I’d have to make a lifestyle change. Leaving the gynecologist scared that one day this disease could affect the life I had dreamed of. I started educating myself on healing my body. I learned how to heal through my food. I took the action steps and I saw the results. Not only did the obesity cause physical issues in my body, I had also suffered from depression. Healing my body also led me to healing my mind.

After seeing my results of how I was healing myself, people with the same struggles began to ask for help. There was nothing I enjoyed more than helping people change their lives by transforming into healthier lifestyles.

Continuing Education

I found the key to turn my knowledge into wisdom. The key was action. I had used what I learned about nutrition to make a difference in my own life. I felt like it was time I gave back. I desired to inspire other to make similar lifestyle changes. The only problem was I has no idea how to start.

Finding The Institute of Integrative Nutrition

For years I wanted to be a life coach. Never having met a life coach, I had no idea how to become one. I searched online but couldn’t find a recordable school. Through this journey I was diving deep into self help books and podcast. I listened to many coaches and came across IIN through a podcast. This school was the largest nutrition school in the world. Many successful coaches I had been following attended the program. I inquired about the school and received a phone call the next day. The women who called me asked me why I wanted to attend. She wanted to hear my story. At this time I still wasn’t comfortable sharing and still carried a lot of shame. This conversation allowed me to heal just by opening up to her. That’s when I knew I had to do this and why I was doing this.
Studying at IIN has been not just a educational experience and a spiritual transformation as well.

Common issues health coaches can resolve

    Struggling to lose weight
    Struggling to maintain weight lose
    Trouble sleep and fatigue
    Body aches and pains
    Brain fog
    Lack of motivation
    Digestive problems
    Depression and anxiety

My program

    I offer my clients a safe space for expression
    Help clients discover their highest selves
    An expert in lifestyle transforms assists you in creating your own transformation
    Everlasting results
    Mindset shifts
    Offer accountability and support


I spend 6 months with clients help create balance in their lives. I teach my clients how to implement healthy habits while providing motivation and support. Together I help you build a strong foundation, which can handle anything life throws at you. Habits are implement slowly over time, for everlasting results.

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