My Story

I am Jennifer Brody, 25 and on the path to becoming my highest self. I believe in the power of manifesting the life you want through positive thinking and positive intentions. I have seen the benefits of living your life this way, but I haven’t always lived life like that. BeforeAt 20 years old, experiencing a life of depression, being overweight and having no purpose – I decided to make a change. I did not want to live life this way, anymore.

I set a goal to be healthy. I was choosing this not only because I was unhappy but because I was faced with a medical diagnoses which could possibly result in infertility directly correlated to my obesity. I was more than one hundred pounds overweight. Around this same time I also began building a relationship with god, I had for the first time felt connected to a higher power. My desire became so strong to get well and become healthy, I called for god’s strength and guidance as a result.

I initially started this process just by cutting out fast food (something I would eat daily). At the time, it was the easiest thing I could give up and I began not only seeing results but saving money while at it. The results I was seeing weren’t drastic but it was something I’ve never seen before. During this time I didn’t change the foods I was eating, but just started paying more att

IMG-6410 (1)

ention to the serving size, and it became obvious to me I was eating too much in one sitting. So I cut back on everything; for example if I would normally eat twelve pizza rolls, I ate six. After some time of practicing this my mental state started evolving. My mind and body told me I was ready for the next step- I wanted to see more results. 

Around my 21st birthday,  I started my routine; which consisted of not only smaller portions but healthier foods. I would drink a half serving of a protein shake at 8am and then another at 10am. My lunch would consist of grilled chicken or turkey over a bed of greens with vinaigrette, and that would happen everyday at 12pm. My dinner would be at 5:30pm and it would be 8oz of chicken, veggies and brown rice. During my meals, I would time myself. I would make sure each meal lasted at least 15 minutes. I was training my body to slow down, while always drinking plenty of water. The more water I drank, the better I felt.

IMG-6415The most important thing during this time was being consistent in when I was eating and creating healthy routines which ensured my goals would be reached. Then once again, my mind and body knew I needed more, and what I was lacking was exercise. 

At this time I wasn’t comfortable with working out in a gym or vigorous activity, so I retreated back to a place that I loved as a child, a park near my house. I would spend forty-five minutes everyday after work walking the paths. Being in nature combined with steady physical activity resulted in my mind opening in ways it hadn’t before- but this was just the beginning. Although, it wasn’t all roses from here. I still had my ups and my downs. I think it’s important to recognize and express that my journey hasn’t only been highs but also some lows and dark times. These lows were necessary for my growth; I would always get back up with lessons learned.

Although I was on the right path, during this time period I was still surrounding myself with the wrong people. In one month, I lost my best friend, my boyfriend and my job. I was betrayed by my boyfriend, forgotten by my best friend, and the career I had chosen at the time didn’t last. I had found myself at a familiar low. The depression I had battled as a teenager was back, but this time worse. I was choosing to stay in bed all day, I wasn’t eating and binging on Netflix (surprisingly

IMG-6419a new thing for me). The thing I wanted most was to die. Once again I had another decision to make, after a three month downward spiral- I chose to rise.

I needed something for myself again, I needed to learn to live without anybody else so I picked up a yoga mat. I began to grow my at home practice. Finding Yoga with Adriene (on YouTube) allowed my path to become more clear to me. I  began growing spiritually and physically. My yearning for growth was sparked again.

The universe was speaking to me; giving me the right people when I needed them, the right books to help me grow and the tools to recognize the universe was for me and within me. Recently I’ve been furthering my self-development and  building my knowledge of this community.

I have a desire to be around like minded people while inspiring others. After listening to one of my favorite Podcasts, “Highest Self” with Sahara Rose, I was inspired once again to take the next step. 


That’s where Sahara introduced me to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. This year I enrolled in becoming the next generation of health coaches. I’m continuing my healing so I can heal others. The mindfulness I’ve gained through this journey has changed my life. Allowing me to gain control of my actions, thoughts and harmful self-talk while allowing me to become my highest self.

My Journey does not stop here though. Everyday I continue to challenge myself mentally, physically and spiritually. I invite you see just how I am doing it, 

Most importantly, first time opening up and being vulnerable with the hopes to reach someone that might need it.  Dreams do come true… but they are hard work, patience and lots of love.