The Shadow Side

More often than not I feel the lessons I am suppose to learn become the theme of my week. If I listen closely to the advice I am giving to others and suggestions I am making, I can usually find the answers to my own questions.

Mid-week I found myself reflecting on how far I’ve come; the growth I’ve made spiritually, emotionally and mentally. My self-discovery journey has led me to such beautiful things. I have open chapters of my soul that have been buried for lifetimes. While reflecting, I began questioning some things. If I had advanced so much then why can’t I control that little voice in my head telling me “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not fit enough”, “I’m not smart enough”. The voice that beats me down and stops me from believing in myself.

I have gotten pretty good at quieting the voice but every now and then it comes back with a vengeance. This negative self-talk does not serve any part of my being. In the past, I have stopped pursuing opportunities because the voice told me I would never be able to. I found myself wondering if everyone had a voice in their head like mine? I also started identifying this voice as something. Trusting that my higher self works only for the greatest good. Knowing this voice comes from inside me but is not me.

Negative self-talk does not serve my highest good. The talk isn’t causing miracles to happen for me. The talk isn’t giving me more confidence. The talk is my shadow and I am the light. Only positive thoughts and actions will get me where I want to go. But how do I control them?

If I am not able to quiet these thoughts completely then I must figure something out. I started identifying negative thoughts when they happened and I gave the negative self-talk a name. I called them the devil. If God lives inside me then he is accompanied by the devil as well. We all have a shadow side. Whether or not we give into our shadow, the devil it lives inside us. The names you’re calling yourself, that wasn’t you. That was the devil. Your truth (the light)  would never make yourself feel less than you are.

Bringing your awareness to the voice inside your head and identifying these thoughts as being something external from you, you are now able to gain control. Once you have the control, you are able to stop these thoughts. But how? I know you’ve been trying.

I use mantras to regain power. A mantra is a phrase or word repeated frequently. This phrase can be whatever serves you at the moment. If you’re feeling scared about walking into a room full of strangers I would use the mantra “I am brave”. And say it until you start to believe it.

A few weeks backs I attended an event where I only knew the person I went with. I was so nervous but I also didn’t want to miss the event. It was a networking event and there would be tons of people to talk to but what would I talk to them about? That’s when the devil started talking. The devil told me “no one would take me seriously” and I would have nothing to say to these people. I knew in order to get through the event I had to do something, I went into my heart and pulled out a mantra. I used the mantra “I can talk to anyone”. I didn’t believe it until I was working the room. I didn’t believe it until I was making deep connections with strangers. The mantra worked to rewire my brain to believe I can talk to everyone.

Identify the devil in you. Identify the part of yourself that does not serve your greatest good. Shine light on the shadow. Switch those negative thoughts into those thoughts and empowering mantras. Use your mantra in any situation that may need light.

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