The first day of Winter is upon us.

On December 21st we will enter into the Winter Solstice. This is a very special time of year with a strong meaning. The first day of winter is the shortest day and longest night of the entire year. The first day of winter is nearly 6 hours shorter than the first day of summer. Around this time of year, we grow sick and tired of the dark. We start feeling more tired in general and some of us have already entered into hibernation mode; taking it easy and staying warm at home. We have taken the autumn months to reflect and plan for the upcoming year. At this point, the new year is a little bit over a week away, so the celebrations begin. Starting with the celebration of the light returning. Each day will now get a bit lighter. Naturally, allowing us to accomplish more and more each day. We have big plans for the year ahead. We spent the last three months mapping out exactly what we liked next year to look, feel and be like.

‘Tis the season for giving is pretty convenient. To make room for the light we must give. In order to receive, you must give. It’s a law, right? Around this time of year different religions practice in some type of giving ritual. For example, Christians have Christmas and Jews have Hanukkah right around the Winter Solstice. They may have nothing to do with one another, or maybe they do?

In order to make room for the light, this is a perfect time to give something away. This giving doesn’t have to be just material gifts. Usually when giving a gift to someone you’re doing it for there joy. To make them happy. But let’s focus more on yourself. The most important one in this situation. For your self-care, give away the lower vibrations. Guilt, regret, negative thought, anything that will not serve your goals for the new year. The light may still come but by holding on to these things you may not be able to see the lights full potential. Why work so hard and be able to benefit from the rewards?

Winter’s cold and long. Some enjoy that. For me, I need to focus on every way winter can be good. There’s nothing I love more than the light. Focusing on the light coming back to me is glorious. The past three months I have seen major shifts cause by all the work and planning I’ve done this year and last fall. I took time to reflect and be grateful for what I’ve received. I have sat and planned out exactly what I’d like my income to be and  how I will grow my business. I’ve planned everything down to every dollar I will spend next year. Now, there’s a few weeks before I can put my plans into action. I have planned to take it slow for the next week and a half. This is very unusual for me but feels very natural around this time of year. Staying home more and socializing a bit less. Listening to my own thoughts and clearing my mind from distraction. Deciding if putting my energy into a current issue I’m going through will serve me in the new year or leaving it behind in 2018.

This Winter Solstice I invite you to give something in order to  receive the light to its full potential. Maybe for you, it’s a box of things you haven’t touched in a year or an old friend who drains you. Whatever will not serve you in the light must stay in the dark. Not only is the solstice happening on the 21st but the full moon is also on the 22nd. Using the full moons power to recharge and lease. These are our gifts from Mother Nature. Recognize and you shall receive

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