You Are What You Eat

I choose to be in control of everything I put into my body.

I try my hardest to make sure the quality of food I buy is close to perfect. I choose all organic whenever there is an option and I eat out no more than twice a week. I have recently made the decision to listen to music which only comes from love. I found myself really turned off by songs with anger or hateful lyrics. Don’t get me wrong I have a very diverse taste in music. I can go from Lil Wayne to Leon Bridges real fast. But if I hear lyrics that go against my moral beliefs I just can’t stomach it anymore.

After I became a vegetarian and I truly enjoyed it. A few months in, I came across an article about the emotional aspect of eating animals. The article talked about when eating the animal you are eating the whole animal; the animals entire life. You are ingesting all the suffering that animal had been through while living. This made me reflect on my mental state and the quality of my thoughts since I hadn’t been a meat eater. I realize my thoughts were more pleasant, I do not have any anger and am not holding onto hostile feelings.  I feel at ease.

This got me thinking. We really do become everything we put into our bodies. I felt the difference for myself. Food doesn’t just make us skinny or fat. Food goes as far as affecting if we are happy or sad. I choose to be as happy as possible everyday. The more aware and conscious I become, I realize everything affects my thoughts and feelings. And if I choose to be happy, everything I do needs to support that.

I haven’t watched the news in probably over 10 years. Not because any specific reason, I just don’t watch tv often. I had been visiting my grandma a few months ago and the news just so happened to be on. It didn’t happen to be on, it’s constantly in the background. It must have been the 5 o’clock news or something. A clip of a gang shooting taken from a cell phone during the shooting started playing. There was people scared for their lives, running for their life and people lying injured on the ground. There were bullets flying everywhere. While watching this brief clip I began taking on the same feelings and fears of the people I was watching on the screen. I was so overwhelmed by the sight I just saw.  I had no idea they even play things like that on tv. This was in broad daylight. Young child are exposed to this everyday.

I am not ignorant that these types of things go on. I understand there are shootings everyday. But I also choose not to be involved in dangerous situations so why would I watch it on tv? With technology now everything is exposed for the good and more often the bad. It’s so important to be aware of the filter you put on yourself. Focusing on violence will only make it grow. Broadcasting gang shootings on the news will only normalize gang violence for our youth.

A short time after I was discussing this with a couple in their 60’s. They were very supportive of my choice and agreed the news and media outlets were not a positive place. They asked me how I educate myself, and I told them I choose carefully the podcast, blogs articles and instagram accounts I follow . The table behind us overheard the conversation and the young girl a few years younger than myself said to her father “I watch the news” he replied “because you’re responsible”.  I was so sad for her. She was not being responsible she is conditioned.

Bringing awareness to what you put into your body is  ultimate self care. Food, thoughts, music, opinions all shape you just as much as the next. My making a choice to be happy every day is not easy.  You will also need to take on the responsibility of supporting that decision with everything you do. Choose wisely and your awareness will grow.

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