Curving The Hangover

Waking up Sunday morning, in my bed, but having no clue how I ended up there. My head is pounding and my mouth is as dry as a desert. My mission for survival is to get to the fridge and pour myself a glass of water. My body is weak, aching and I am questioning if I can even make it there.

I was plagued by a hangover. Googling how to stop what was happening to my body, I stumbled upon an article informing me on the ugly truth of what was actually going on. All the information is here .The aches and pains were caused by the expansion of my blood vessels… I had poisoned my body with alcohol.. Drinking lethal fluids causing me to have to use to the bathroom often and avoiding any consumption of water. I was causing my body to dehydrate and quickly. In that state, the drinks and the fun didn’t come close to being worth it.

The article recommended that I drink lots of water, I was informed caffeine would be my best friend and exercise would be my savior. With a baby shower in a few hours I’d try anything. After, chugging lots of water I made myself black mint tea and headed to my yoga mat. It was a rough start but I slowly started coming back to myself. Yoga was once again the right answer, except for downward dog (I was a bit dizzy in that pose). I took a little nap to let everything sink in. I wasn’t 100% but thanks to I was able to make it to the baby shower and enjoy the company of family.

I find myself over doing the alcohol at times. I typically only  drink once a week but when I do it usually results in a hangover. The hangover prevents me from doing all the things I had planned for that day. I’ve noticed a pattern, when I’m over working, I’m over drinking.  When I see an open slot in my schedule, my first thought is how can I fill this time. Planning time to just relax during the week will help me balance my weekend outings. Instead of releasing my week on Saturday nights, I can plan on time during the week to go home and not worry about multi tasking, blogging, meeting with a client or catching up on school.  I’ll be less likely to binge on wine, come Saturday. I enjoy socializing with friends and there is usually alcohol involved. The fun I have with those friends does not depend on any level of intoxication. I would not take back those time but creating balance is something I am constantly working on. If I do choose to drink, I need to also plan for the hangover (or drink less) and clear my schedule to help repair my body.

Life is constantly changing. Recently, there has been huge changes. I keep adding things to my life without taking anything away. Taking time to relax and setting aside time  to find ways I can balance my lifestyle. I definitely don’t like dealing with those hated hangovers.

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