True Love

My intention for 2018 was to find “true love”. To manifest the shit out of it actually.

First I had to become clear on what I wanted this “true love” to be. My love would be kind and handsome. We would have to think alike. Some of my ideas are pretty far out there. For explain trying to convince my brother the aliens he dreams of are real aliens. My true love would have to agree, food is our medicine. He would need to eat well and be pretty physical.  He would be on a spiritual journey of his own. He would have to be busy though. I work full time in property management, I’m a part-time waitress, I am a health coach, an accountability coach for a CrossFit, and Reiki practitioner. Also, a blogger. I’m not slowing down anytime soon. So he would have to be just as busy because my schedule is pretty intimidating.

I knew in my heart this was going to be the year. I was so convinced I was going to find love I told my sister and Joanna I was going to be married by the end of 2018. I even brought a book Getting to “I Do”. The book taught me a lot about having a healthy relationship but it didn’t get me to the altar. We have one last month in 2018 and still no ring. I went as far as making pink the color of my year. I was going to attract love without a doubt.

I didn’t realize there would be to be a lot of healing prior to finding true love. I had to become clear with myself and see what was blocking me from having this because I knew it was out there for me. First, I had to stop giving my energy to those men who would never be any of those things. That was the hardest. I had to end a 6 year (on and off) toxic relationship. Throughout this healing journey, I did find love. It wasn’t the love I was expecting but I need to find this love, before I could ever have anything real.

2018 taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. In my last blog, I talked about how I sent love to a co-worker to mend our relationship. Throughout the year the message of unconditional love popped up in places I never expected. I become attuned in Reiki which is the practice of unconditional love. I learned we are here to love, to be loved and share this message. We aren’t going win any wars with guns. The only way to win a war is to love.

All of this may sound pretty funny to you if you aren’t putting love into everything you do right now. This message of unconditional love is something that needs to be practiced daily in order to feel it. On January 1st, 2018 while manifesting my hunky husband, if someone told me this is what I’d get instead. I would have been really disappointed. Now that I have lived this message, I am grateful. I feel more whole than ever. This was the missing piece to my dream guy. The only thing that is real, is LOVE.

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