Welcoming Autumn

This past weekend we celebrated the first day of fall. Summer has officially ended and the harvest has begun. We have just 3 months left of the year. This time of year puts me in the mood to reflect on my year so far. reevaluate my goals and start manifesting 2019…

Autumn is an important season to pay attention to. This is the time of year invites transformation. My entire life I would be so excited for the end of summer and to start a new school year. A new classroom and new people let me reinvent myself time and time again. It was and still is a fresh start. Summer left me relaxed and rejuvenated. Spending lots of time in the sun, on the beach and in the ocean has grounded me. Letting loose and catching up with family and friends has left my heart whole. Not that my goals have been on hold for the past few months but I’m ready to buckle down and tie up all the loose ends of this year. I am revisiting January and comparing what I envisioned for myself and what my current reality looks. What has has made it super easy was writing it all down in my journal. The journal which my great friends Stephanie and Jess gave me for the launch of this blog. It’s not very organized but it has everything down to my goals for business, love, financial, and health. It’s interesting to see where my mind was 9 months ago, and where I am at this moment. My mindset has completely changed in some areas. Now, I have to decide if this new mindset is beneficial my goals. If not action will be needed.

Looking back at what’s happen this year and what I have created is important to bring to my awareness. Starting 2018, I was not enrolled in school, I was living at home and living paycheck to paycheck with nothing to show. My goals were to move out and living on my own. Not have my mom making my lunch. Now that she isn’t, I wouldn’t mind if she would. It meant a lot to me to start my adult life and be totally independent. The comfort of living at home is nice but I would never trade the liberating feeling of my own place.

Opening up my heart is something that I needed to put my attention to. Being vulnerable was, and still is a challenge for me. So when I posted my wellness journey on social media for the first time, I open a whole new side to myself to the world. I was opening myself up to receiving love as well expanding the love I give. Even when it’s hard to.

My fitness goals have not been met just yet. I feel a little setback and am not where I would like to be. With the hustle and bustle of the summers warm and long days, working out had become crowded out. Next year (and the rest of this year) I would like to focus on achieving more results. As for this year, I focused on just doing. Showing up for a healthy state of mind was what was important to me. Next year I’d like to take it to the next level and achieve goals I never imagined was possible. With January comes graduating with my health coach certification and starting my new journey as a health counselor. It’s extremely important for me to get clear with what direction I would like to take with my business. Becoming more financially stable to travel in 2019 is a must. Budgeting to achieve this is the biggest factor in that plan.

In order to achieve these goals I have to continue to recognize what is serving me for the greatest good. Leaving behind, once and for all toxic relationships and unhealthy habits. Realizing what and who draining my energy is important to achieving my goals. Also bewaring of who’s energy I am draining, always trying to lift other up instead of bring them down.

As daylight becomes less and the nights grow longer, there leaves more time for dreaming and less time to do. We must listen to nature and follow along. Take this time find balance between blissful summer and harsh winter days.

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