9 Ways to Reset

Believe it or not, life requires suffering. We endure many things we don’t think we can handle. When this happens, stress and anxiety levels heighten leaving us vulnerable to negative energies. We can’t keep the bad things from happening so we need to find healthy ways to cope when they do. It takes a lot of work to break these bad habits we have created over a lifetime, but it’s never too late to rewire your brain.

When I feel like I am overworked I tend to binge drink with friends to relax. Instead of maybe taking a walk on the beach or fitting in a yoga class. This is something I am mindful of and actively try to balance. A few activities I like to experiment with before I lose my s****, might serve you just as well.

1. Yoga/intense exercise

When I need the answers I go to yoga. When I need to quiet my mind I go to crossfit. When my fuse becomes short, the quickest way to start feeling better is to move your body. Physical activity reduces stress and releases endorphins. Most importantly you are mindful of the moment you are in and not worrying about the reason you went.

2. Walk in nature

When things are going the total opposite of your way, instead of turning to food or another habit that does not sure you, try being with nature. Whether it be a walk by the ocean or stroll through a garden. Connecting to nature makes you realize there is something so much bigger than the problem we are having right now. Standing in front of something so large like the ocean is incredibly healing. The ocean makes your problems feel small.

3. Enjoy a cup of tea

There’s nothing like a soothing sip of tea to calm your nerves. A cup of tea makes you slow down and think. You can even mix a few herbs to get your mood feeling a bit better.

4. Read a book

Sometimes the best answers come in the form of books. I have always gotten exactly what I needed from the books I’ve read. I feel as if I don’t find books, books find me.

5. Talk it out

Keeping the problem inside tends to do more damage than good. I have a really hard time showing my vulnerable side and letting my problems out. Just recently I have become more trusting. Not only has this helped me emotionally but it allows my problems to release from within stopping potential physical manifestations. Find someone safe to talk to. This can be family, a close friend, a coach, or therapists.

6. Meditation

If you’re not already meditating then start. All the answers lie within. Sometimes all you need is to stop the judgment and listen to your truth.

7. Journal

If talk therapy isn’t your thing, then right it down. Either way you realizing the thoughts that are not serving you.

8. Blast your favorite song

There’s that song, band, or singer that gets us and understands us. Artists are incredibly strong for sharing their experiences. They keep us from feeling alone knowing someone has felt similar. And if that’s not it, music can be uplifting to say the least.

9. Breath to become present

It’s funny but it is extremely easy to forget how to breath. Taking a few minutes to just focus on your breath will put your body into a relaxed state and slow your heart beat. By breathing through your nose, oxygen will travel to your brain quicker allowing you to think clearly and workout a solution to your problem.

There is a solutions to everything. Nothing is too big for you to handle. The universe has your back and you are supported. Sometimes we just need tools to step back from what is happening and reset.

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