9 Reasons to Try a Sugar Detox

I’m sure we all have our own opinion on sugar; some love it and others can live without it. We can all agree too much of it is extremely dangerous and knownn to be highly addicting. It wasn’t always easy but after completing my 21 day sugar detox I have seen an over all improvement in my health. I am happier and my energy level has dramatically increased. My ph balance went from 5.75 to 8.00 in just 22 days. If you aren’t convinced to give it a try maybe these 9 reasons will be the push you need.

1. More energy

During my 21 days without sugar I noticed on nights where it was impossible for me to sleep a whole 8 hours, I didn’t feel like I was going to fall asleep at my desk the next day. It might have been a little hard for me to wake up but when I was up, I found myself to be less groggy. I slept much better durning the night. I went from a sugar binge to cutting sugar off cold turkey. The more time without sugar the more energy I had over all.

2. Mood enhancement

Everyday I felt happy and positive. I felt motivated for cutting sugar out in the first place. Having control over my life and what I was putting into my body gave me a sense of joy. During the last 21 days there were some days with high stress levels. Cutting out sugar helps me to stay positive and clear.

3. Health upgrade

Consuming sugar is directly linked to many disease; cancer, inflammation and even Alzheimer’s. By cutting out sugar you are also lowering your risk of a number of disease. My body’s alkaline levels increase over 7.5 which is the level disease cannot grow in your body in just 21 days.

4. Stops cravings

Once I stopped eating sugar completely it was was no longer on my pallet. I would think about sugar less and less. If you eat a candy bar one day you are more likely to crave it after a few days. Out of sight out of mind.

5. Weight loss

Sugar is a leading cause of obesity in the US. Chances are if you are consuming sugar on a daily basis and you stop, you will loose fat. Over a 21 day sugar detox I lost 10 lbs

6. Clears blocks cause from sugar

Have you ever eaten too much sugar and carbs too fast and felt a brain fog? Eliminate sugar eliminates the brain fog that come along with it.

7. Cut back on process foods

75% of food on the shelves at super markets contain sugar. These foods are genetically modified and far from a whole food. While trying to avoid sugar you will also be avoiding anything processed.

8. Trying new things

While avoiding sugar you might go crazy trying to find new things to eat. During this time you will try new food. That means you will be adding different types of nutrition you wouldn’t typically try. You body will benefit just as much as your taste buds.

9. Empowerment

Over coming a sugar addition will be an accomplishment. Even giving up sugar short a short period of time will teach you a lot about yourself. You will choose how you want to live and realize your health is up to you. This might be a gateway to show you that you can do anything. You control your life.

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