9 Heathy Habits You Should Think About Doing Daily

1. Waking up grateful

This is not easy at first. Most of us aren’t happy to get out of our comfy beds in the morning. The first thing most of do is check our phones. Whether it be checking social media or reading/listening to the news. The news is usually only telling us what’s wrong in the world. Instead of allowing those things into your space, lay in bed and think of how you are blessed. Shift your mind from victim to blessed.

2. Warm water and lemon detox flush

After detoxing your thoughts in the morning, detox you body. Warm water and lemon is extremely beneficial to your liver. This drink will help flush toxins and purify your body. Your skin will reek the benefits. If you’re having skin issues chances are your liver needs some focus.

3. Mediation

Take time to quiet your mind. Your inner thoughts are trying to come out. Give those thoughts a time and place to be expressed. Even if it’s 3 minutes. Take time to breathe; a break from worrying. You will see a great mental shift over time.

4. Making physical activity a must no matter how big or small.

Get your body up and moving everyday. Start where you are. If it’s just a walk around the neighborhood, it will make an impact. Little efforts go a long way. Starting where you are physically and do not comparing yourself to others or where you once were, will have greater results.

5. Adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

If you’re not ready to give up fast food or processed meats just yet, then crow them out. Thinking about what you shouldn’t be eating tends to be overwhelming. Start eating an apple for breakfast and eventually you won’t miss the bagel.

6. Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is the healthiest and hardest things you can do for yourself. To have full control over your life you must set boundaries around EVERYTHING; family, friends, work, tv, food, working out, fun, etc. Your energy is yours. Remember not to spread yourself thin. If you had plans with a friend but really need alone time then say no. If a family member needs something but you can’t give it to them it’s okay. You come first.

7. Invest in your relationships

We were put on this earth to connect with each other. As human beings we are created in packs and tribes. We cannot go through life alone. Maintaining relationships takes a lot of effort. Understanding that no one is perfect and realizing one day everyone will disappoint you. Loving them still is unconditional love. To have healthy relationships you must love unconditional. If haven’t talked to a friend in a while pick up the phone and call them. Don’t wait around for them to call you. Set aside quality time for all relationships that are important to you. Create your tribe.

8. Make time to be with nature

We are nature; we are not above it. The reason why most of us are so unhappy is because we keep ourself lock in the house, blocking our own thoughts off with the television. Just 20 minutes in the natural sun light daily reduces your risk of cancer, depression, high blood pressure and so much more. Take a hike, stand in front of the ocean, smell the flowers. We are giving things for a reason. Feel the grounding of nature and enjoy them.

9. Love yourself first

Loving yourself isn’t about the ego. It’s about taking care of you and your needs. Sounds silly but it’s extremely hard for most of us to think about ourselves first. We are always making sure everything else has what they need and forgetting about what we need. We cannot fully serve other unless we are completely full. Help other by helping yourself first.

Be present and bring your awareness to the habits and the rituals you currently have. Are these habits serving you? If not, take control of your life and explore what makes you feel like your highest self.

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