Week One

I have finished the first week of my sugar detox. I have two more weeks to go. I am falling more and more,out of love with sugar as the days go by. At this point sugar no longer has a hold on me. My cravings for sweets are close to nonexistent and I am feeling more in control.

For many years I’ve gone periods of time without sugar but I always seem to go back to. If there’s a birthday there’s sugars in the cake. Any family gatherings we have there is always dessert. White cane sugar has haunted me my entire life. Yesterday as I was reflecting on this past week without sugar I started thinking about when the 21 days was up. What would I eat first? And then I started thinking how it would make me feel after I ate. I start imagining the way my body would feel when the blood sugar spiked. Then I started remembering that sugar didn’t make me feel as good as I feel when I don’t have it. The idea popped into my head maybe I should live my life without ever eating sugar again. In the past this would have never entered my mind. Even while thinking this, every reason I shouldn’t give up sugar was entering my mind. “I could never eat ice cream, but I love ice cream. Birthday cake will never happen for me”. Then I started remember when I gave up eating meat. The same thought ran through my head. “I love hot dogs; I’ll never be able to have another. What about chicken tacos.. how do you replace those”. Then I remember quitting cigarettes. To this day I will love cigarettes. I still crave them. I still like the smell. I’ll never pick up another one because my health is more important. So why is it any different from sugar?

The cause of all this motivations to give up sugar for good is directly related to how I feel only a week without it. Starting this I wasn’t expect such a quick transformation. It goes to show you how harmful and what a blocker sugar actually is for me. My mind is clear. I feel five steps ahead and my intuition is strong. My energy level is as high as if I would have slept for the past year.

Sunday night I slept so poorly. I was waking up all night from a bad dream and noisy neighbors. I except to be falling asleep at my desk. When I wasn’t, I was shocked. I had gotten much less than five hours of sleep. Normally if that was the case it would have been hard for me to function. The only thing I’ve change is my diet. It really goes to show you. My body has no aches or pains at all. I feel refreshed, clear and ready for anything.

I feel accomplished without sugar for one week. I am excited to see how I am going to feel for the next 7 days and then the next seven days after that. I have been keeping a daily log of what I am eating, how I feel, my weight, and picture. At the end of my detox I will share my journey with you.

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