Today I start my sugar detox. For 21 days I will be saying no to all added sugars and wine. Don’t worry this is not including vodka. For 21 days I will not be eating dessert, cake, ice cream, candy, bread, bagels, sugar drinks, pasta, white rice, dressings, ketchup, tomato sauce, condiments, and wine.

Around this time of time year my clean eating tends to go a little off track. With the warm weather comes the gatherings, bbq’s, and lots of celebrations. There always seems to be an irresistible sweet treat at these things. Once I have a taste my cravings heighten. If I can stay away from the sugar for a bit then it’s smooth sailing and it does not have a hold over me.

On a typical day I wouldn’t have any food with added sugar. I mainly eat whole foods like veggies, a protein with quinoa or brown rice. This makes me feel great. I have a clear mind and I feel guiltless. When a sugar binge takes over and I’m consuming sometimes 3 times the amount of my daily sugar intake, I start seeing physical and mental deficiencies. It becomes hard to focus. I can sometimes feel the sugar rush into my blood stream and my joints start to ache. We can all notice this if we start paying attention when we eat too much sugar which then spikes our blood sugar. This rapid sugar intake I put my body through is causing more harm then the pleasure is worth. I try my hardest to keep a ph level of 7.4 since disease cannot grow in an alkaline environment. Sugar greatly effect this.

For the next 21 days I will be fighting the cravings and recording it all. I will keep measurements of my ph levels, weight, and the way I’m feeling emotionally and physically. Gearing up for a summer without sugar. They say if you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit. Check out my results in 21 days. If you decide to join me on this 21 day journey I would love for you to share your experiences too!

4 thoughts on “SUGAR DETOX

  1. I started a partial sugar detox 2 weeks ago. I do not consume refined sugars in candy, cake, drinks etc. However, I eat bread, crackers, and fruit. It has been challenging but my rewards are far greater. I am more energetic, water retention has decreased, and abdominal muscles are tighter.

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