EE9BD5EC-9953-4E66-9C1D-5191B5FFA332Words cannot describe how blessed my weekend was. It felt as if the things I have been manifesting for the past few month were unfolding right in front of me.

I didn’t see much hope for productivity this weekend. The weatherman basically forecasted a monsoon for the next week. I figured I would catch up on much needed rest and relaxation, but the universe had a different plan. Friday night I picked up an extra shift at a restaurant I’ve worked for in the past. I didn’t get home until 1am and was exhausted. I knew I wanted to take a yoga or CrossFit class but I missed them both. I woke up close to 9am. I wanted to do some kind of physical activity but a hike was out of the question. It was raining cats and dogs. Laying in bed still I was trying to figure out my plans for the day. I receive a notification from Facebook. I had inquired about a workshop at a yoga studio my aunt recommended. The workshop was a subtle body tuneup. I had no clue what it was going to be but I felt like it was exactly what I needed. I called to see if there were any openings and they were more than happy to accommodate me.

Of course I’m always running late,I walked in with no time to spare. The moment I stepped through the door I felt a warm welcome. I took my seat. I expected nothing from the workshop and accepted whatever would come to be. The vibrations in the room full of strangers felt familiar. The instructor introduced herself and explained in a little more detail what the workshop was all about. We were going to be learning mantra and breathe work from a kundalini perspective. Kundalini is a practice to awake the energy that lays dormant at the base of the spine and runs through the seven chakras. Kundalini reveals your truth. My mouth dropped to the floor. I have been so drawn to kundalini for some reason I do not know. I’ve only taken one class because they are hard to come by in my area. After my first experience with kundalini yoga, I was hooked. The spiritual connection I felt to myself and the support of the universe was unbelievable. The week to follow was filled with blessings.

We learned and practiced different mantra and created the type of energy I have never felt before. And it was not easy. My arms are still sore.

In result of this kundalini workshop I stumbled upon, things I’ve been working on manifesting, have been showing themselves ever so fast. I advise you do your research and add a little kundalini to your life.

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