Self Compassion

I am shedding something so strong but I’m not quite sure what it is.

For the past four weeks I’ve felt a little “off”. I’ve been so “on” for the last few months so it was quite noticeable when things weren’t so aligned. In my last post it surfaced that maybe I was neglecting my self care practice, and I definitely was. I was forgetting what is most important. I forgot to trust myself. I forgot that I know what is best for me. I know what serves me and what hurts me.I sometimes ignore what hurts me and then the problem escalates. Overtime I learn the lesson. I may make the same mistake again but now I am still aware I am making that mistake.

Why do we beat ourself up? Why do we put so much energy into things that we cannot change? If it has already happened, then it’s in our past. We can’t change that. The energy we use to judge ourselves is preventing growth in the present moment. We are unable to reflect. Our energy is being used to judge ourselves harshly rather then accepting what is with love. Accepting ourselves with love is not making excuses for our actions. We are reflecting on the situation and coming to an realization that it doesn’t serve us in the way we need at that moment and then making an effective plan to stop those unhealthy behavior.

Don’t beat yourselves up. The truth is we are human. We might make a mistake over and over again until it finally sticks. It might stick for a while and something throws us off. We will go back to the bad habits that we once created because it’s easy. Other times we won’t go back at all. But when we do slip up instead of beating yourself up, judging yourself and having negative thoughts about what you were doing, reflect on why it doesn’t serve. Think of what would serve you and put a plan into action that would. If you don’t know what would serve you, find a friend, a doctor, a coach, find a safe person. This is actions.

There will be slip ups; always. Those slip ups are reminders that we are always changing and we need to adapt. Something that works for us now, might not work next week. We are constantly changing. We need to be constantly adapting.

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