Self Care

Self care is bringing awareness to your entire life.

It’s not limiting self care to just a facials or deep conditioning masks but expanding self care to your overall health (diet and physical activity), fiances, what you put into your body (materials you read, the people you are around) and how you balance all of these things. Being aware and worrying are two different things which we often confused. Knowing exactly how much and where your money is going instead of worrying you don’t have enough. Making sure you’re eating foods that make you feel good and give you energy so you can feel your best all day. Balancing these things are key. Making sure you can keep up on all your self care practices is key to success in your self care game. If one of these things are neglected it will throw everything out of whack.

I am known for overworking myself. It is an awful habit of mine.The past week I left myself with little rest time. I worked 4 jobs, all seven days last week and my self care practice suffered. To relax I drank more than necessary. I worked to the extreme so I relaxed to the extreme. Both in very toxic ways. This has left me in a funk; feeling overwhelmed. I didn’t give myself anytime to prepare the next week and felt like I was always playing catching up. That’s not a good feeling. I lived most of my week in my head worrying.

Today I have spent the day exactly how I needed to; resting and preparing for the week ahead. I brought my awareness to all the parts of my life I have been slacking in. Making sure the refrigerator is filled with healthy food to last me the week. I have planned my week and put the details on my calendar to be able to see clearly what I have going on. I caught up on school and cleaned my house for a clutterless week. I am starting my week off fresh and detaching any stress from the week before.

Self care Sunday’s are not always about the pampering. That’s important but sometimes self care Sunday’s are filled with meal prepping and cleaning toilets. Keeping all of life’s essentials balanced for the happiest results

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