Working From a Place of Love

holdtrustGrowing up, adults would always tell me to “love the work you do”.

I had no idea what that even meant, but I held on to those words. I searched for love in everything I did but nothing clicked. I was constantly trying new jobs and loving them for a bit. The flames would eventually fizzle out.

At this point I had become a kitchen manager of a tea house. I enjoyed cooking very much but I began to grow tired of being behind the doors. I love talking to people, learning things from them, and being in different company. The kitchen could get pretty lonely. I felt like my truth was rejecting the job I had chosen. Even though I enjoyed cooking, creating, and the staff, it wasn’t my soul purpose. Events in my life had created a separation in my job and I knew it was time to go a different route.

A little while after leaving the tea house I decided to take a real estate course with everyone  around supporting me. I was told I would be great at selling houses and I truly believed that. I was told and thought, I have a friendly personality and the ability to make others feel comfortable, so if I work really hard why wouldn’t I be successful? I passed my state exam on my first try and began to work with a  real estate company. I went to training, showed up at the office and working hard towards something I wanted. I wanted to make a lot of money. My intentions were not to help a family find a place to grow. It was to make as much money as possible. During one of my training seminars our teacher asked us why we were here. All I could think of was.. To make a lot of money. The next thing she said was “If you are here to make a lot of money you are in the wrong place”. The teacher wasn’t saying you couldn’t make a lot of money selling houses but that your intentions need to come from love. I still wasn’t sure what that meant. I confused, I did want to help people but I cared more about the money. Then the universe began to show me that wasn’t my path either. After my first client dying and no one trusting me to sell their house, I became defeated.

During the process of finding that real estate wasn’t my thing, I began working in a 9-5 office setting. I began to notice everyone around me being extremely negative and depressed. To protect my energy from feeling this way I started really investing in my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. I started discovering who I was through different experiences, books, and trying new workouts. Others watching my transformation began asking me what they could do to feel like this. If they decided to take action and use the advice I gave them I began seeing and hearing their transformations. This brought pure joy to my heart. Helping others find their inner joy was my soul’s purpose. The only thing was, I had no idea how to get paid for doing that. But I kept giving advice and helping others because I loved to. Along this road I stumbled upon the IIN. The Institute of Integrative Nutrition feels as if it were created for me. The program is everything I have learned up to this point plus things I couldn’t even imagine.

When I was a kid no one told me to experience things. Adults around me, in school and strangers put so much pressure on me when they would ask “what I wanted to do with my life” and they left me clueless when they said “make sure you love what you do:. How is a kid with no experience of the world supposed to know what they love? The only way we find out our soul’s purpose and create a career out of it, is to have as many experiences as possible. You will first need experiences to find what brings you joy and then take action and create a career from it.  

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