aa6172156fab1a5a0d2b82c2c0c32150Immediately after sharing my journey I have felt a huge release. By letting go of some of my suffering I allowed space for good to grow. For years, the only people who knew any details were  my loved ones and myself. Part of me felt ashamed and embarrassed. I was afraid of being judged and rejected. For years I kept low vibrations inside, where they had no purpose.

The first time I shared my story, was an email to a stranger…

I had a desire to be a coach but I had no idea how to start. I was browsing craigslist for jobs in California and I came across my perfect match. A spiritual entrepreneur was looking for her perfect match for a personal assistant. The ad instructed to send in “your story”. The Life coach didn’t want a typical resume; she wanted depth. This was my dream job for that moment and if I had to open up for the first time this was going to be the time. So I bought a bottle of red wine and went to my friend Sara’s for assistance and encouragement. I poured my soul out for the first time and it felt AMAZING. If I didn’t get chosen for the job I knew this was going to bring me something. She responded right away asking to meet for coffee. She was blown away by my vulnerability and stated she had an opportunity for me. After explaining I lived in New Jersey she was a little turned off but something did come from this email. MY BLOG WAS CREATED. After sharing my story with just one person, I started to heal. The stories I created around my story started to disappear.

After finding the courage to share on a larger scale I started getting people reaching out to me. People were now sharing their stories with me, a perfect stranger. They were feeling the same healing I felt when I sent that vulnerable email. Not knowing the response you will get but still having the courage to share.

Share your story. You will heal in the process and potentially help someone who is going through the same thing you are. Let go and invite light and love in.

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