Living a life of abundance

Abundance is a state of mind. My life transformed the moment I decided everything I had was abundant. In the past I lived in a world where I never had enough money and time. Constantly reminding myself and putting limitation on what I could do.

Time has been one of the biggest challenge to over come. I am constantly doing something. Running from here to there. I would give myself anxiety on a daily basis never thinking I would be able to get everything accomplished because there was just not enough time in the day. I never had “enough”. The worrying cost me so much energy. It slowed me down and caused me to be less productive.

The same goes for money. I never thought I had enough money to live on my own. The thought of not having enough was supporting my dream of having more.

When I decided to get serious about transforming, I decided things need to change. It had to start with the way I thought about money and time. I knew I wanted more money but didn’t have more time to give so I had to create it. Stopping negative chatter about money and time was my first step. Eliminating “I don’t have enough …” was key to having more. Once I was able to let go of a bad habit and I created more for more productivity.

If you want more of anything you need to first see things in an abundant state. Time and money along with many other things, are always flowing. Do not limit yourself to not have enough of something. Money is always flowing and inevitable. Allow the abundance to flow freely.

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