A topic that has been jumping out at me for a few weeks now, is creativity. I am becoming more aware of what it means to be creative and how it’s an essential part of well being. We are creative beings. We all have the ability to create on a daily basis. We may not all be creating a sculpture, masterpiece, or the next hit song. We create emails at work, dinner at home and anytime we are faced with problem we create solutions. We have the ability to create just as we have the ability to get stuck and blocked. Blockers can be negative energy, the food your eating or not enough self-love/care. When these blocks happen we often find it hard to make the simplest decisions; nothing seems to flow.

Blockers happen when something in our lives/energy is not resonating or aligning with our purpose. It can be big like depression or as small as giving someone too much time on the phone.  You need to spend time getting to know yourself. Learning what keeps your mind clear and allows you to open for creativity. Self-love is the number- one unblocker. Self-love isn’t self-esteem. It’s putting yourself first. Making sure your needs have been met so you can THEN serve others. Spend time with yourself.  In Julia Cameron’s book, she speaks about creating a “solo-day”. Spending the day by yourself doing something that interests you. She also expresses the importance of “morning words”. First thing when you wake-up, journaling your most inner thoughts;reframing from any type of judgment. I have yet to journal when first waking up but I am starting this week. Cameron describes the revelations “Morning Words” uncover. I will let you know exactly what I discover!


A few of my current anti-blockers are weekly baths with epsom salt and essential oils. I can feel the energy that does not serve me, pull from my body. I love yoga and any type of physical activity to keep me opened and feeling good; mentally and emotional. Being outside and in nature is so important to me in order to create. My favorite, most important anti-blocker is PLAY. Doing the things I enjoy the most with the people I enjoy the most. Whether it be creating a dance with my 8 year old cousin or laughing with my friends. I need multiple times to play weekly.


We all have beautiful gifts to share with the world. Open yourself up and create those things living deep inside you. You can start with making it a little easier to finish that project at work or anything you are finding hard to do all of sudden. Put the time in now, the reward is worth it.

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