Spring has Sprung

Whether or not you can feel it, see it or you believe it, spring is upon us. Spring happens to be my favorite season. Not only is it my birthday season but also the season of rebirth. The ground starts to thaw and the trees start to bloom, preparing for a beautiful summer.

These bitter cold months often have us forgetting about our intentions and the goals we set for the new year. January 1st we start feeling a sense of motivation and our heads are buzzing with the idea of what spring and summer hold for us. Then dropping temperatures along with the dropping energy cause us to fall off track. In the past, this time of year I would lose sight of my goals. That’s why last fall I planted seeds in my garden to prevent that setback. But I am not in the clear of the weeds.

Spring is the perfect time to bring out the notebook you wrote down your New Years revolutions. Re-evaluate what has happened since the 1st. Where you are now? Are your intentions still the same (things change)? Which direction will you go to get there? I always allow flexibility for my goals. That’s why it’s important to express why you set these goals in the first place. The “whys” are usually the most important reason for your goals.

Spring cleaning should always be a thing! Not only physically getting rid of things in your home that no longer serve you, but also thoughts that are not allowing you to grow. Beware off all your thoughts at all times. Start to question if they are helping you grow or preventing growth and causing set-backs.

Start a garden. Make a plan. Start planting seeds so this summer you can enjoy your beautiful garden. Don’t forget there is always “keep up “with something so beautiful. The joy your garden will bring you will be worth your hard work.

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