Building Balance


Just like in nature, humans need balance for survival. By no means does balance come naturally in this fast-pace, material world we live in. All aspect of the life you choose, need to have a happy median. Creating blacing in your relationships, career, finances, physical and mental health are essential to living a joyous and fulfilling life. But how do we create this balance?

The first step to creating a balanced life we all desire, is finding what keeps you balanced. Experiences are the only way to do this. Experiment  with what works for you. Change jobs as many times as it takes to find the one that’s right for you. Try every diet until you find the one that makes you feel like million bucks. We are always changing. Constantly try new things to keep up with these changes. In the summer we might exercise outside to feel good. Come winter we need to find something new. We don’t give up, we improvise. Change can and will be uncomfortable. This feeling is called GROWTH.


Adding new hobbies and cutting out a few bad habits will also force you to set boundaries. A huge part of maintaining a balanced life is having boundaries. Boundaries should be put in place around all parts of life; friends, lovers, family, diet, work, fun, exercise, etc. Maybe you aren’t accomplishing what you would like at work because you are spending too much time with friends. Create an amount of time you are comfortable with giving to your friends. Don’t cut them off completely. If you are only focused on work, that will create a burnout and leave your friends feeling abandoned. When you are with family, put your phone down. Set a boundary with your mobile device and be 100% present. You will get more out of being fully connected with loved ones. Boundaries are not limited to the examples I have given. There can be a boundary given to anything. It’s important not to feel guilty for these boundaries . You made the decision because it makes you feel good. Remember that in the tough times.


You can follow all these steps to create a balanced life but if you do not surround yourself with supportive people, you may feel the scale tipping. Having a network of like minded people is crucial to thriving. If you are a person who likes to stay positive but you have a friend or family member around you who is always negative, it will become draining to your energy. Set boundaries with this person. Explain to this person that there is no room in your life for negativity right now and it does not make you feel good. Those who matter will not mind.


By creating balance in your life you will create health and happiness. Find what makes you feel balanced. Maintain balance by setting boundaries and being sustainable to change. And always surround yourself with a like-minded tribe.

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