Parent Teacher


Sometimes we are sent to be our parent’s teacher.

Typically our parents are the ones we depend on, the ones we go to when we don’t have the answers or the money for rent… They bail us out and teach us valuable life lessons through their words of wisdom.

But in some cases our parents aren’t the perfect idols we thought when we were five. Some are addicts, cheaters, convicts and even have mental illnesses. As we transform into adulthood, we  may start notice our parents aren’t like the others… We start to realize we are the ones bailing our parents out, instead of the other way around. It sometimes feels as if the rolls have been reversed, like we are teaching them. This is because some of us are our parents teachers. Sometimes we are sent here to guide our parents.

Our souls choose the life we live based on the lessons we need to learn in this lifetime. For reasons we may not know.  For a plan bigger than we could ever imagine. Instead of comparing your life to another, see what your life is giving you. What lessons are you learning from cleaning up your parents messes?

As a child I knew my life was different from others. I wasn’t raised by a mother and father; dinner on the table at five every night. But, we were fed, clean and had everything we wanted and most importantly we were loved. The older we got the less my siblings and myself depended on my mother. The less we needed from her, the more she needed from us. It was almost like for the last 20 years she knew nothing but to raise her children. Now that we were grown, it was almost like she felt her purpose was lost. As the years went by her depression fell deeper and her anxieties grew.   More and more she began to become dependant on me. It wouldn’t get better but only worse. I started worrying when she had asked me where she could buy stamps. This was something my mom had taught me to do when I was young. The fact she was asking me something she had taught me  was extremely upsetting. I felt like I was watching my mother mentally deteriorate in front of me.

It can get really confusing when you feel as if you are the caretaker to your adult parent. You need to always remember YOUR SOUL CHOSE THIS LIFE. You were dealt these cards for a bigger purpose.

My mother’s struggles have taught me patience, compassion and coping skills through helping her. This has made me a better person. My mother is human. She has human actions and emotions running through her. By accepting that she does what she can, and I have no control over it, allows me to enjoy every moments of the good and the bad.

Whether your parent is “normal-ish”, struggling or maybe not all there, except them. In some cases the teacher is often the student.

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