Let’s Unpack the Fridge



As weeks went by, I started to see a pattern unfold. Every Sunday I was throwing out food.  I was throwing out the carrots for the soup I didn’t have time for or the tofu I let expire because I overbought. I was not only throwing out money but I was wasting food. I started thinking deeper about this. Adding up the cost of food I was wasting, was my first thought. Food is expensive and at the end of the week, I would disposed of at least one-fourth of my shopping cart. After I stopped thinking about the money, I started thinking about the people that could have enjoyed that food. Maybe if I didn’t pick up those carrots, a mother could have roasted them for her family or a “health-foodie” could have juiced them. They wound up at the garbage dump. Along with half of all food on the shelves at the grocery store.


Americans are well known for living in excess. As a society we live as if more is better or bigger is better. This conflicts with my core-values but I was still emptying my refrigerator at the end of each week. I knew I had to do something to change this. Well the answer seems pretty clear; buy less food.


True, you will be buying less food but in order to be successful with buying less food, and having enough food, it takes a lot of planning. Instead of buying a few packs of chicken because that’s what you and your family like to eat, plan exactly when your will have time to cook and eat the chicken. You may find out, Tuesdays are long and left overs from Monday would work best for your lifestyle. Ultimately, leaving you without rotten chicken to throw out at the end of the week.


My life is always changing. That’s why each week is different for me. I may have dinner plans for Thursday and need less food to cook or I may have a guest over and need a little more. It’s important to plan. If  you walk into the food store blind you will come out with a whole lot of food you might be throwing out on “Sunday”.


This is just a small personal step we can take to stop food waste in America. Plan your meals.  Make sure you will be home to eat and cook those meals. Be aware of how much and what you are throwing out each week. Cut your food cost. The only thing Americans love more than having a lot of food is having more money.

If you would like to become more aware of how much food we are actually wasting here’s a link!




Let me know if you would like tips on how I am doing this!

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