Less Booze, More Moves

747a58e87dbfb46488b3b36586bdefb5I have made a decision. For 30 days I would live a sober life; free from alcohol of any type. For some of you, 30 days is a normal span in between drinks, but for me, drinking every Friday and Saturday was an essential part of my weekend. I wouldn’t drink a few glasses of wine at dinner. I would drink a bottle of wine before going out for drinks with friends. When I was out multiple glasses of wine were served, with shots to follow and blackout to follow the shots. I didn’t really see a problem. I was a social drinker. I thought the problem didn’t exist because I was surrounded by friends. At 21 binge drinking is pretty normal, not healthy but extremely common. At 25 getting “drunk’ here and there is pretty normal too. Getting “blacked-out” twice a week; not so common. Not to mention if I was invited to happy hour that week.

The habit I was forming with binge drinking was starting to become dangerous. I was constantly putting myself in risky situations. I admit to drinking too much and then driving. I would reflect on the situation the next day and tell myself I would never do it again. The next weekend I would drink too much again and the poor decisions would follow. I would do it again and again. Justifying it by saying I was “okay” to drive, knowing if I had gotten pulled over, I would have gotten a DUI. Even worse, I could have harmed/killed another person. Something I am not proud of but I am taking ownership. Most of these times I was usually driving to someone’s house I shouldn’t have. Knowing full well I would never do these things sober. Alcohol had taken away my control over my actions and my health.

I eat vegan, I quit smoking, I stay away from sugar, I go to Crossfit, I practice yoga daily, and love my self-care Sundays. I would drink, blackout and then stay in bed all day. The next day I would crave junk food and sleep for hours. Both of these things were setting me back. I started feeling like alcohol was wasting my potential. Oh, and the embarrassment was always unbearable.


I started getting all these signs from the Universe. I would see articles everywhere on why alcohol was the devil and what it was doing with my body. That didn’t stop me though. The reason I stopped drinking was to reach my potential. I have set extremely high goals for 2018. I started school at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Not only do I have a full-time job, I also have a part-time job too. In order for me to stay happy, I need to keep a fully balanced life. By exercising, being in nature, eating healthy, spending time with friends and family and also washing my hair once in a while. Alcohol was getting crowded out.

These may have been the best 25 days of my life without alcohol. This Saturday I was able to wake up at 7 and go to a Crossfit class. I then came home and cleaned my entire house, including my laundry. I took my dog for a two-hour hike. I was able to spend the afternoon with my extended family. I’m not done… I also worked on getting this site up and running. If I was drinking this weekend I couldn’t have done half of that. I did set a small goal for myself of 30 days. I wanted to change the relationship I had with alcohol. I love tasting wine and will never give it up completely. I needed to take a break to reflect on what binge drinking was doing to my life. I have no desire for a hangover right now or in the near future. I am excited about potential I can unlock.

One thought on “Less Booze, More Moves

  1. I loved reading your journey so far! I have been in the same boat. That glass of wine (or two or three) calling my name on the weekends or even weekday after a long work day. Mentally it always feels like a setback, when you’re doing everything right BUT that. Thank you for inspiring as well as being human! Looking forward to reading more and keep up the great work ❤ you look awesome btw

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