It is Really Freakin Hard to be Healthy

bce4652414e1290ba559182de33134a7Feeling super inspired to write a blog on self-love, paired with a desire to get out of the house; I headed to Barnes and Noble. A green tea latte caught my eye at the cafe. So of course, I would substitute the dairy for coconut milk and make it a “healthy” latte.  Wrong..

Since the new year, I decided to stay as far away from sugar as I could. After quitting cigarettes last April, sweets have been a challenge for me to conquer once again.

I was curious to see what exactly was in the “healthy”  green tea latte. It turned out to be “Macha”. Thinking to myself that sounds pretty healthy and being unfamiliar, I asked what exactly it was. I was shocked (but not really) to find out that is was finely ground green tea mixed with sugar. Yup, let’s turn something that could have potential health benefits and make it bad, but also addicting so we will keep coming back.

Don’t let me forget to mention how I was drooling over Cheesecake Factory cheesecake in the dessert case. That’s not even fair. I avoid the Cheesecake Factory for the sake I can’t resist their cheesecake, now they’re basically shoving it down my throat. But I stayed strong; I looked past the case. After I received my guilt-free hot green tea I turned around to look for a spot to sit. The first thing was the advertisements of the Oreo stack with peppermint cake, every five feet. Those just so happens to be my favorite things… and filled with refined sugar.

They are not making it easy to be a recovering food addict.  You can never get away. By no means am I saying other drugs aren’t as hard to knock, but the rats did choose sugar over cocaine every time. Billions of dollars are spent trying to get us to eat this food that is making us sick and causing premature deaths. When making a decision to give up your drug of choice, you choose to avoid it. You can get a new number, even move and stop surrounding yourself with people doing those drugs. With food, they are advertising it on every television screen and billboard you pass.

But you can do it. I can do it. We are strong and we can be strong together.  I have made a choice to give up these things like sugar that do not serve me. So instead of giving into these cravings, I see those advertisements for what they are. I become aware of what their intentions are. By not buying that cheesecake, I am not adding to their cause. I am standing up for health and keeping a few more dollars out of their pockets.   

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