Five years ago, I couldn’t have told you. Today, I can describe the overwhelming feeling of comfort I have in trusting there is someone or something out there supporting my every decision and action.

Being 19, ambitious, going in five different directions but never seeming to get anywhere, I stumbled upon a job as dishwasher in a small tea house in Point Pleasant,  New Jersey. Or did a higher power guide me there? The restaurant was a small, family-owned business. They soon became a second family to me. The matriarch of the family was Grandma Patty. A beautiful soul with a lively spirit. Patty was wise and taught me so much; never leave the house without lipstick. Most importantly, she brought GOD into my life. Patty along with the entire family was born again Christians. Never pushing anything down your throat but they constantly put their trust in God.   

On a slower afternoon, another coworker and I were avoiding our work so we sat to talk with Grandma Patty. It was nothing unusual but this day was special. Patty always had a stack of prayer cards sitting on her desk. On this day she picked up a card and told us her story of the day she chose to live a life of Faith. She told us that night she read this prayer and trusted that God would take away her anxieties. Miraculously, they were gone. Patty trusted and believe so deeply in her soul that she was supported by a power bigger than her and instantly she felt loved, 

Processed with VSCO with av8 presetcared for and protected.  Patty told me if I do that same thing, God would support me as well. Guess what? I did it.

That night I took the prayer card home and allowed God into my heart. I asked God to guide me on this path he has already created for me. Along with that prayer, I asked him to let my boss Theresa who had a problem sleeping, have a good night’s rest. The next morning I came to find her refreshed and well rested. That’s when God had me sold.

I receive and recognize the blessings of God every day. Especially when things don’t go my way is when I trust him the most. When something I pray for doesn’t happen. Ten out of ten times, God had a better plan for me and the only thing that helps me to see this is the trust I have for him.

Don’t forget, the power that fuels your God is your trust and belief in him/her/the universe or whatever your beliefs may be.

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