Birthdays Should be the Most Special Day of the Year

lemonsA tradition I started many years ago with my family who was extremely reluctant, has grown to be one of my favorites.

Being the person who I am…I love to let people know how amazing they are and what they mean to me. And what more perfect day (besides every day) to remind them, if not their birthday?

So it got pretty quiet after cake one year on my grandmother’s birthday, to get the conversation flowing I spoke up. At the time, I didn’t know it would be everlasting. I said, “Now we are all going to go around and say our favorite thing about Grandma, I’ll start”. Then I watched everyone squirm in their seats, I saw faces turn red and felt the tension rise. But if it’s not uncomfortable then there’s no growth, right?

So I made everyone do it;  year after year, after year. Never once forgetting after cutting a cake. Now they’re asking me to start it!

Let’s face it- WE LOVE TO HEAR WHY WE ARE LOVED. Frankly, it’s human nature. People don’t hear good things about themselves enough. What better day to flood the room with love, if not on a birthday. I have expanded it to my friendships and any birthday celebration I am apart of. I would like to expand it to all of my readers.

I invite you to make your loved ones’ special day a little more special. Whether it be your mother’s, your brother’s or your lover’s birthday, tell them your most favorite thing about them and make everyone join in; it’s worth it.

Birthdays are incredibly special but some are taken for granted, forgotten or even feared. Life is to be celebrated. Together.

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